6 X 30 min documentary series

12 women from the Ottawa-Gatineau region take on the mental and physical pressure to become the best athletes in amateur combat sports. Competing locally, nationally and around the world, these women define and defy stamina and hard work in training and competition, while balancing family, injury and work.



Ep 1:

Me vs. Me

Marija and Max are boxers and friends who have to go beyond the mental roadblocks to be the best in order to excel in their sport and meet their goals.


Ep 2:

Me vs. My Body

Julia and Christine both tackle their comeback to the ring and mats after major injuries that threaten their amateur careers and their ability to compete.


Ep 3:

Me vs. My Legacy

Shohannah and Tina's competition days are over. But now as coaches, they tackle their sport head on by leading their elite athletes to national and international competitions.


Ep 4:

Me vs. The Pressure

Amy and Karine are Muay Thai fighters who compete in highly combative amateur fights, but their personal lives balance the high pressure and expectations of winning.

(Muay Thai)


Ep 5:

Me vs. The World

Taylor and Hannah push themselves to make it to international competitions where they try to prove their superiority in their sport.

(Muay Thai & BJJ)


Episode 6:

Me vs. My Drive

Alison and Roshan each have goals to compete, but where one has the support and success of family backing her, the other battles mental health holding back her return to the ring.

(Muay Thai & BJJ)


The Athletes