Apply to be featured on Vs. Season 2

We are looking for female-identified amateur combat sports athletes diverse in experience, background, ethnicity, sport and training to be featured in a 6-part documentary series on combat sports in the Ottawa area. Candidates can be from Ottawa-Gatineau and surrounding areas, as well as the Ottawa Valley, and should be Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents.

We are looking for women who are:

  • Living and training in Ottawa-Gatineau (including Ottawa Valley and surrounding)

  • Actively competing in any amateur combat sports

  • Plan on competing in a tournament or competition in the next 6 months (ideally in Ottawa, Montreal or Toronto)

  • Have interesting or unique stories about their competitive vs personal lives

*Please note that only those selected for in person interviews will be contacted by producers. Final decisions will be made by September 30, 2019.

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